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Inner Mongolia somewhere mining authority makes over information CZ070604
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Inner Mongolia somewhere mining authority transfers information

Transfer sign: Be located in Inner Mongolia somewhere two collieries mining counterpoises

Mining area area: Come 23 square kilometer.

Traffic situation: Traffic is convenient

Mining area geology is tectonic: Construction of mining area geology and area geology construct to agree basically, for all along south tilt on the west tilt tectonic, tendency 210#176; , obliquitous 1-3#176; , fault, drape not development, also do not have magma cliff to invade, geological and tectonic complex degree belongs to simple type.

Coal-bed: Check an area to contain coal layer to be Jurassic in group of Yan'an playing tube-shaped part, cent is 3 cliff paragraph. Because later period denudes only remaining is bottom one cliff paragraph, contain coal-bed remain ply 10, 70 meters, average 40 meters; Contain coal three-layer in all, can collect coal-bed three-layer, among them average ply is 2 coal-bed 3.9 meters, 5.5 meters, the 3rd coal-bed has the kind that get a heart. Coal-bed orgnaization is simple. Roof is deep gray arenaceous qualitative mudstone, motherboard is powdery sandstone and arenaceous qualitative mudstone. For the stabler coal-bed that more reliable, whole area can collect.

Coal is qualitative: 1, coal cliff feature

Coal darkly is lubricious, the darkly after decency is Brown, striation brown is black, black Brown, show dim bitumen burnish, burnish of local and visible grease, a burnish of Duan Xiansi thin silk of filar charcoal development. Conch shape reachs irregular shape fracture surface, provincial and inside unripe cranny not development, brittleness is poor. Banding structure, lump is tectonic.
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