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Cixi enterprise aim on the overseas mineral resources development
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After the financial crisis, the international prices of raw materials like riding a roller coaster, the volatility in many companies respond to missteps and losses. In the city, there is such a number of enterprises that are active in the international raw material market, accounting for The upstream industry. Recently, the blue Star International Trade Co., Ltd. Ningbo Bolivia invested $ 3,200,000 in the copper base of the first batch of copper ore mining arrived in China, which is from the city to set up offices overseas investment, trade Trading company, manufacturers a useful attempt after another, and to achieve the development of mineral resources overseas enterprises in our city, "zero" breakthrough. It is understood that the blue Star in Bolivia copper base with an annual output 10 million tons of copper ore, 7-8-month recover investment costs. In addition, the city now has four enterprises to develop overseas resources development, a total investment of over 1500 Million, involving copper, tin, lead and non-ferrous metals and coal, stone and other mineral resources exploitation and sales. "The city business pioneers, after a long-term trade international, initially completed the primitive accumulation of capital, coupled with financial Forced crisis, the urgent need for the internationalization of investment, given the relative safety of capital looking for a high-return path, mineral, energy has become the first choice. "Blue Star general manager Ms Ho said that last year the city voted in Zhejiang a Su Co., Ltd. invested 10 million U.S. dollars capital investment in Mongolia coal mine, for the city enterprises "going out" development of the world's resources and accumulated experience, impressive advances this step, only enterprise in Cixi enhanced globally, the ability of multinational operations, Also strong support for the city economic development needs. It is understood that Cixi Import and Export Co., Ltd. since 1992, was founded in Poland, Williams test Garment Co., Ltd., has taken the first step outside the business, the city has been committed to investment in international business, the implementation of global management Practice. Raw material base of their construction, development resources, support economic development in our city. In addition to mineral resources development, the city also has a strong chemical corps active in the international raw materials markets. It is reported that chemical as a commodity, and prices for raw materials, the most sensitive channel, the city big time, VECON, QIAGEN, foreign trade enterprises in South-East Asia Group, a multinational chemical fiber raw material base set up to carry out the acquisition of waste plastics, processed, or shipped back to China, to provide raw materials to ensure that the domestic chemical fiber plant, or in situ processing, to supplement the In productivity. High price to reflect market conditions, make a profit while at the low price of deep-processing, within the organization. Currently, the city overseas investment 20 million tons of chemical fiber production capacity, sales of 2.2 billion U.S. dollars, has now been formed Cixi Chemical Fiber overseas large-scale army, chemical fiber industry for the city to maintain a leading position at home and abroad and played an active role.

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